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Klein Tools K1412 Wire Cutter / Wire Stripper, Dual NM Cable Stripper / Cutter Cuts Solid Copper Wire, Strips 12 and 14 AWG Solid Wire – Wire Strippers –

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12/2 and 14/2 stripping slots quickly remove outer jacket of Type NM-B non-metallic sheathed cable Strips, cuts and loops 12-14 AWG solid and 14-16 AWG stranded wire New lock design prevents accidental locking and loosening over time Precision shear-type blades for square, clean cuts on solid copper wire Made in USA Narrow, strong-gripping, serrated nose for easy bending, shaping and pulling of wire in tight places Holes for screw-shearing, wire looping and bending
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kleinAbout Klein Tools

As an American manufacturer of hand tools for more than 160 years, Klein Tools makes premium-quality, professional-grade tools that deliver performance, durability and precision. Our team continues to put six generations of expertise into each tool by using the highest quality materials and superior workmanship.

Klein Tools doesn’t just make great products, we make great products that stand up to the demands of the professionals who use them every day … Since 1857.

Wire Cutter / Wire Stripper, Dual NM Cable Stripper / Cutter Cuts Solid Copper Wire, Strips 12 and 14 AWG Solid Wire

The Klein-Kurve Dual NM Cable Stripper/Cutter allows you to cleanly remove the outer jacket of 12/2 and 14/2 Type NM-B non-metallic sheathed cable. Stripping holes easily remove the insulation on 12 and 14 AWG solid wire. Precision shear-type blades provide square clean cuts on solid copper wire.

  • 12/2 and 14/2 stripping slots quickly remove outer jacket of Type NM-B non-metallic sheathed cable
  • Stripping holes easily remove insulation on 12 and 14 AWG lead wire
  • New lock design prevents accidental locking and loosening over time
  • Precision shear-type blades for square, clean cuts on solid copper wire
  • Narrow, strong-gripping, serrated nose for easy bending, shaping and pulling of wire in tight places
  • Holes for screw-shearing, wire looping and bending
  • Coil spring provides fast self-opening action
  • Double-dipped comfort grips

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12/2 and 14/2 stripping slots quickly remove outer jacket of Type NM-B non-metallic sheathed cable

Stripping holes easily remove insulation on 12 and 14 AWG lead wire

New lock design prevents accidental locking and loosening over time

Precision shear-type blades for square, clean cuts on solid copper wire

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klein klein klein 1010 11053 K11095 Mfg. No. 1010 11053 K11095 Description Long-Nose Multi-Purpose Tool Klein-Kurve Wire Stripper/Cutter Klein-Kurve Wire Stripper / Cutter, 8-20 AWG

klein klein klein 11055 11057 K1412CAN Mfg. No. 11055 11057 K1412CAN Description Solid and Stranded Copper Wire Stripper and Cutter Klein-Kurve Wire Stripper and Cutter Klein-Kurve Dual NMD-90 Cable Stripper/Cutter

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‎Klein Tools





Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎10.39 x 3.78 x 0.87 inches

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Item Weight

‎6.6 ounces

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‎Klein Tools

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Product Dimensions

‎10.39 x 3.78 x 0.87 inches

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‎NM-B Cable


‎NM Cable




‎1 Inches

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‎Hand Powered

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‎1 year manufacturer



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4.8 out of 5 stars

1,742 ratings
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4.8 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#12,682 in Tools & Home Improvement (See Top 100 in Tools & Home Improvement) #31 in Wire Cutters #33 in Wire Strippers

Date First Available

July 2, 2004

60 reviews for Klein Tools K1412 Wire Cutter / Wire Stripper, Dual NM Cable Stripper / Cutter Cuts Solid Copper Wire, Strips 12 and 14 AWG Solid Wire – Wire Strippers –

  1. Kotahill

    Cable Stripper

    Good quality strippers

  2. Andy

    Great set of snips, nice clean cut.

    Doesn’t even score the conductors insulation. A perfect crisp cut. Very pleased.

  3. Joyce K.

    Quality tool.

    The quality of the tool is outstanding.

  4. James D.

    One tool for most all Romex tasks.

    This will do most everything needed when terminating 12 or 14 gauge Romex on devices except what you need a screwdriver for.

  5. John Given

    Realoy worjs great

    Work really well. I removed the clasp designed to keep it closed when not in use because it was annoying.

  6. jadexpp

    Great performance and lifetime warranty

    Very sharp and easily cuts the insulation off wire. The best part about it being a Klein is that you can bring it into Home Depot and get a free replacement if it stops working. No receipt needed.I had another Klein wire stripper that I purchased 11 years ago. I brought it to Home Depot and they replaced it with no issues.

    6 people found this helpful

  7. Benjamin s.

    Very nice, useful and great!

    I really love this product I have been using it everyday since I got it and I feel like it would last for many years more. I think that it’s worth the money to buy good tools because you won’t have a problem with them in the long run.

  8. Andrew

    Best wire strippers for residential electricians

    Best wire strippers for residential electricians. Usually buy them at Home Depot but they were sold out. Thankfully amazon had them at the same price.

  9. Zach Kibbey

    Made quick work of room remodel

    I was perfectly happy with these. Granted, I’m not a professional and won;t be using them every day but, they made the remodel go by very quickly. I rewired half of the bedroom (previous owner’s job contained egregious code violations) and changed out from a single ceiling fan/light fixture to 5 recessed light cans. The romex stripping tool was probably the best part…although I didn’t know it was a feature until I was about halfway through the job. Oh well, better for next time.

    3 people found this helpful

  10. Enrique

    So far the vest romex stripper

    The plastic and yellow color make difficult to maintain it clean

  11. dalephp

    Excellent tool for someone with arthritis in hand

    I purchased this for home DIY use. I used it while adding outlets in my garage before drywalling. I wasn’t looking forward to all of the stripping of romex since I have arthritis in my hand so I thought I would give this stripper a try. One of the best tool purchases I have made! It works great. The outer-jacket stripper works very easily with no cutting or damage to the insulation on the wires inside. The other single-wire strippers also work without any conductor damage. Made that electrical job so much easier for me!

    2 people found this helpful

  12. Lonely

    One of best Wire Stripper 🤘.

    I love this wire stripper one of my favorite. But it’s hard to strip nm cable here in Philippines it’s sticky nm cable . This is for design for Romex nm cable only. But high quality tool by Klein 👍 😀.

  13. Georgia Brigand

    Best tool for 110V electrical installations

    I’ve wired, as the home owner, 3 houses. The stripping and skinning slots on this tool are excellent, perfect for 12ga. and 14ga. Romex wire. I’ve had other tools for this purpose in the past, and none have performed as well and made the work so easy.

  14. Derek W. Williams

    Does the job

    Definitely worth the money if you are running romex. Super fast and clean, haven’t had any issues and works exactly as I hoped. I don’t use these very regularly and can’t say how they would hold up to heavy use.

  15. Norman D Ritchie

    Get this tool for any electrical work!!

    This product is awesome!!!It makes electrical rough-in fun and easy. It make very clean cuts to and strips cable jacket and wire insulation both.

  16. Jed the Potter

    Great tool

    I have small hands and find that a lot of tools are just too bulky. These are very easy to use. They do tend to get lost in my too pouch though. I haven’t come up with a nice place on my belt or apron to keep them. I still like em a lot though.

  17. March Hare

    Great tool if you’re going to do a lot of wiring

    I recently was wiring a room using these. I’m glad I ordered them rather than use my old methods of making due with a box cutter to strip the jacket, wire cutters to cut and strip and pliers to curl the ends of the wires. Having one tool to do everything makes a huge difference. I also didn’t need to worry about nicking insulation, etc. My only complaint is that I’d like to see the tip be a bit smaller so I can curl then wires with one pass.

    3 people found this helpful

  18. steven wolinski

    Comfortable Grip!

    These Romex Strippers are great love the feel of the handle very comfortable for a day of trimming out devices!

  19. David W. Beier

    Love Klein Tools.

    When You buy any Klein Tool, You are buying the absolutely finest quality tools available.

  20. Scott

    Cuts outer insulation perfectly

    This thing is amazing! I always struggle with the outer insulation but this cuts it perfectly without damaging the inside wires.

  21. Justin Penagos

    Can’t go wrong with klein

    Use them everyday at work

  22. Paul Shaw

    USA made

    If your wiring a house this is a great tool.Well made, and hold up to large work load.Great as a gift.

  23. Shelby

    Electrician says best wire strippers

    I bought these for my boyfriend as a surprise. He swears by Klein tools and says these cut all types of materials and never dull. Will buy again.

    One person found this helpful

  24. Erik Sarcasm

    Decent tool for a task I hate

    I don’t like romex. I prefer to use BX when I have the choice. I don’t often have a choice, so I caved to peer pressure and got a romex stripper from a trusted hand tool manufacturer.It does what it’s supposed to do, which is strip the plastic insulation off a piece of 12/2 or 14/2 romex without damaging the wire insulation underneath. It doesn’t work as quickly on 12/3 or 10/3 but with a little finesse it’ll do the job. The built in wire strippers also do a fine job of stripping your individual wires as they’re supposed to. I haven’t tried the screw cutters yet but they’re great to have and the ones on my regular wire strippers work great, so I assume these do too.My one complaint is the lock tab that keeps the jaws closed for storage. Maybe it’s just me but my hand kept closing the lock when pulling the strippers down the cable. Very annoying to have to release it half the time when I’m working.Flaw and personal bias aside, it is a good tool. If you find yourself working with 12 or 14 romex exclusively, these can and should be your primary strippers.

    2 people found this helpful

  25. G-Factor

    If you have to strip any amount of Romex / NM Cable, BUY These!

    These are, by far, my favorite pair of strippers. I only get to use them on Romex / NM Cable, but they work PERFECTLY EVERY single time. My first pair lasted me over five years, and they were still going strong. However, my helper misplaced them (aka Stole), so I had to get a new pair. There is no reason to question whether you should get them or not, trust me, you will be very happy you did!!!

    3 people found this helpful

  26. Bryan

    Love em.. but love the old ones better

    I love this tool. I’m just a diy’er but find these to be so useful for romex wire work. I deducted one star because the new locking mechanism stinks IMHO. They don’t close all the way now so they aren’t as easy to shove in a pocket. And they seem to accidentally lock more now.I still highly recommend them if you do any sort of electrical work (romex cable anyway).

    One person found this helpful

  27. Paul

    Favorite tool for electrical use

    I finally found a tool that will cut the wire, strip the sheathing, strip the wire and make the U bend…all in one tool! The reason for 4 stars is that the lock has a mind of its own sometimes and will lock when I don’t want it to.

  28. David Cosby

    Yes buy them

    Always good for the tool belt but I carry these and a multifunctional screwdriver and can take care of many simple fixes

    One person found this helpful

  29. Rick L

    Worked well

    I’m not an electrician so don’t use the tool everyday. However, it got extensive use while finishing a basement and while periodically checking to ensure it wasn’t cutting into the coating on the individual wires in the casing, I found no issues. Would purchase again, if I had to.

  30. Interwebz Admin

    Great tool (for the price), worst packaging ever

    You know how Amazon has certain products available in ‘frustration free’ packaging? Well, this tool comes in packaging that is about as far opposite as one could get. It comes in one of those thermally sealed plastic packages requiring a Sawzall and a lot of cursing to open. Okay maybe not quite that bad, but definitely a box cutter and perhaps a sliced finger. Seriously Klein, these are not headed towards retail sale where anti-shoplifting packaging is necessary, can’t you simply produce a different package for ecommerce retailers?Anyway, beyond the packaging, it chews through the off-brand NM-B from Home Depot with ease and does a fantastic job stripping 12 and 14ga wire. I’ve seen some reviews mentioning grips falling off or the jaws becoming misaligned, but fortunately I’ve not experienced that. Given we’re talking about a tool priced in the mid 20’s, I’m not sure I’d complain that much if it fails me after a year, but I can understand wanting it to be high quality with the Klein name and Made in the USA on it. I’d pay more for a higher quality option if I felt it would serve me better, but so far haven’t had any reason to. Will of course update the review if it fails or becomes annoying prematurely.

    8 people found this helpful

  31. Lee in Colorado Springs

    Where Has This Been All My Life?

    Wish I had known about this years ago. Installed over 40 electrical outlets using 12/2 wire with zero issues. Practice on scrap wire first to get comfortable, then get to work. So much simpler than manually separating the strands of wire.

  32. sahar


    Seems like a knock off, everything seems off.

    One person found this helpful

  33. Randy Parr

    Works great

    So glad I got them

  34. Tim D.

    Great Romex Wire strippers.

    Great Brand, Great Product. Bought these to finish off my small electrical tool set to match my other Klein tools. Work great out of the packaging, I didn’t need to oil them and still haven’t. I’ve been rough with these so far (dropped a few times from 5″ and nothing has broke or fallen apart). Used these for my Basic Electric Course at my trade school and they worked great. Would recommend/ buy again.

  35. Brendan McCarthy

    I would love different colors

    Great strippers. The only thing I would want is different colors so you don’t mix them up with other electricians on the job site

  36. Mike

    Great tool

    Made in the USA. Work great.

  37. Paul

    Good wire stripper

    Good tool. Well-made and well-thought features. Little things like the lock with a stop on it to keep it from rotating too far is what I like to see. My only gripe is I wish the romex stripper cut just a hair deeper but I don’t know – maybe that would be cutting into the wire insulation.

  38. joepie61

    Klein Made in America quality tool that can work everyday for years

    We have 8 or 10 pairs of these and they are invaluable when wiring a house, installing new service panels or running any kind of 12-2 or 14-2 romex. Strips the jacket, strips the wire ends, bends loops, and has small jaws for grabbing wire.

  39. Charlie

    What a great tool!

    I used these when rewiring my shop today and what a great tool! I had never realized there was a tool that could strip the outer insulation from romex. I used to use once of those devices with a single cutter that sliced the outer jacket down the center on one side and then you had to go back and use a cutter to remove it. This cutter slices cleanly through and does not cut at all into the insulation around each individual wire. I highly recommend this.

    2 people found this helpful

  40. AmazonDad

    Perfect for home electrical projects

    I bought these wire strippers after struggling to effectively strip 12/2 Romex wire. I couldn’t be happier with the ease of use and quality of this tool. It’s made the home rewiring projects I’m working on much quicker and I can focus on actually running the wires rather than spending lots of time trying to frustratingly strip them. Good purchase.

  41. harley

    That it works

    The tool works fine I just do not like the curved handles as they do not work will with my hands.

  42. Cj Feinauer

    These are Quailty . No doubt in my experience with them .

    I use this pliers every day I am a electrical contractor these are one of the best tools in my electrical bag . I have Purchased a lot of them and they never fail do a great job of stripping romex cable . Just great tool

  43. hds

    It definitely strips 12 and 14

    The feel is strange in my hand. Not quite natural. It’s not a super multi tool. But if Romex NM cable is your thing, this is a tool you’ll definitely appreciate.

  44. L. Machak

    Only ones you should use

    If you’re stripping romex, these are the only strippers you should use. Great for 14/2-12/2

  45. augie

    Nice cutters/strippers

    Great! Product made my work go by fast and with ease.

  46. Chase

    Best wiring tool

    I love these things

  47. Tquick

    Good product

    Good product Works like advertised

  48. Clyde Autumn Jr.

    Love Dem Strippers

    Just ordered another pair of these Romex strippers just in case something happens to the one I’ve been using. Without this Klein stripper I would be struggling with the Romex, either from causing nicks in the wire or taking the sheathing off. These stripper come in especially handy when you have strip little sections of the Romex in the middle of the cable instead of at the end… Love these strippers as I am the onlyess one on the whole job site with them. Hehe Haha.

  49. Melville Capps

    This tool really helps speed up electrical installations using Romex …

    This tool really helps speed up electrical installations using Romex cable. My only complaint is that the plier tip will flex a little when twisting wires together or into a loop. So, I have to grab linesman pliers to twist more than two or three wires together.

  50. chalmer

    industry standard tool

    the right tool for running romex type wire.

  51. Rob

    Excellent wire stripper

    Super easy to use and strips Romex sheathing and wires extremely fast. Best wire stripper that I’ve used.

  52. robertecarpenter

    I like this product a lot

    I like this product a lot I always had one and they feel comfortable when you use them and they also low at night when you’re doing a late night job I like them

  53. walt

    It sure looks real to me, A well designed tool

    I almost didn’t buy this tool. After reading the reviews talking about cheap construction and falling off handles and the suggestion it was a knock off, I thought I should get something elsewhere. But I really wanted this tool, I’ve got lots of wire to run and I needed a good tool. So, knowing how easy it was in the past to return, I decided to give it a shot. The tool came in packaging that said made in the USA and was clearly Klein. I checked the handles – nice design, solidly constructed, no sip there – much better than many of the other tools I currently have. The blade is nice and sharp, the tip is well constructed and in line. So, I’m keeping it. I will update this review is I need to, but at this time I am very happy with the choice.

    2 people found this helpful

  54. John W McAuliffe

    Item has arrived

    Item has arrived

  55. Chris

    bad lockup

    It’s a great tool. Not quite up to Klein quality standards though. When you lock the tool, it doesn’t completely close the jaws. They stay open at the tip about a quarter of an inch. Seems like it should close flush like EVERY other wire stripper.

    One person found this helpful

  56. Bill kinne


    Great strippers but the handle pulls right off should not happen with a quality tool. My last Klein strippers are 10 years old and the handle has never come loose.

  57. lifeiswonderful

    This is my go-to tool now.

    What can I say . These things are amazing. I have three other tools I use period when I got these I wasn’t too sure of it cuz they seem too thin and flimsy. But they’re not.They are my go-to tool now . You can strip your Romex out you can strip the wires you can twist your wires with it you can cut the wires with it I can go on and on these things are so awesome. I was able to remove three of my tools so I can just use this one and lighten the load on my pouch.I would recommend these to anybody.

    One person found this helpful

  58. J.M.B.

    High quality tool

    These are great for residential wiring with 12 and 14 gauge NM-B cable. The jaws have a portion that strips the cable jacket, as well as wire strippers for individual conductors. They work well, cut cleanly, and feel good in the hand. I deducted one star because the handles both kept slipping off right out of the box.

  59. Seb

    great tool

    I would give it a 5 star, because the tool is wonderful, but it’s my second one, and both times the handle got unglued and loose

  60. hardgarrison

    Should have bought one of these years ago

    I had always used the cheap little metal Romex strippers. The kind with a little metal tab that scores the cable jacket.When my last one of those was lost I decided to try this tool. Whish I had bought one of these along time ago. Much easier to use and produces a cleaner, more accurate trim.

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